Privacy Policy

Effective date: May 9, 2023

UTURN AI LTD is the developer of the app “UTurn Resell & Manage Returns” (The App/Our App) that enables merchants who use Shopify to resell their returns items through their Shopify store. Please note that your use of Shopify is governed directly by Shopify's legal documents. This Privacy Policy only applies when you have installed our App.

Our App includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Virtual warehouse that lists all available items for resell.
  • Remote quality assurance component to verify items condition.
  • Sales rules manager that controls discount and exclusion rules.
  • Smart resell widgets that enable reselling the return items through the merchant shopify store.
  • Dynamic shipping labels generator (QR codes) that enables rerouting of return items to the next customer, in case of a sale.
  • SWAP widget that enables the fulfilment of return item instead of a new item to be shipped, according to customer request.


We may periodically update this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of our Apps after the effective date of the updated Privacy Policy will be subject to the new Privacy Policy. If we make any major changes to our Privacy Policy and will need your explicit consent for further processing of your data, we will request your consent or your renewed consent (in case it was obtained previously).

Our contact details

20 Lincoln St.

6713412 Tel Aviv



Data we collect and or access

Please note that the amount of data we have access to is mostly determined by Shopify's technical features and we do not have wide opportunities to limit this amount if Shopify does not allow it.

When you install our App, we are automatically able to access the following types of data from your Shopify account:

  • Customers’ information such as name, email, address, order history etc.
  • Order information, such as customer name, email, address, billing and payment information, items purchased, etc.
  • Inventory information (i.e., locations) such as name, email, address.
  • Prices and discounts information.
  • Return requests information submitted through 3rd party return solutions such as Loop Returns, Returnly. This data includes original order information, item information, and reason of returns.

How do we use your data?

The data we have access to is used only to provide you services. Below is a description of what data and for what purposes.

Products - we store the products and their variants to allow us to perform calculations and alignments of data presence and attributes values in our virtual warehouse.

Orders - we store all orders for being able to match newly added returned products to prospect customers via our direct matching capabilities.

Inventory - we create, edit and delete virtual products inventory.

Prices and discounts - we create discounts to a. incentivize your customers to drop off their returned items as soon as possible for being able to fulfill sales we generate, b. deliver swap-based cross-sell offers to your customers.

On what legal basis do we rely to process your data?

In order to use our app and our services, merchants will need to sign a service agreement that will provide the legal framework for our business relations and the use of our app and services.

Cookies and similar technologies

We use only such cookies that allow us to make Apps usable (so called "functional cookies") - the Apps cannot function properly without these cookies. We do not use any marketing or advertising cookies in our Apps.

Who can have access to your data?

Below is the list of our third-party partners, a link to a document where you can explore their data practices, the purpose for which we engaged each third party and the amount of data it has access to:

Name of such third party

Its privacy policy

Functionality provided

Loop returns

Enable the creation and monitoring of return requests


Enable purchasing and tracking of shipments

Your rights and options

We will do our best to answer your requests without undue delay and in any event within 1 month of our receipt of the request unless a longer period is required due to the complexity of the request. In this case, our response time can be up to 3 months in total.

Rights of European residents. You have the right to access data we hold about you, correct your data, have your data deleted, object how we process or share your data, and restrict how we process or share your data. You can at any time send us a relevant request to access, correct, delete, stop or restrict processing or sharing of your data via e-mail specified above. If your explicit consent serves the basis for data processing, you can withdraw the consent at any time sending a relevant request via e-mail specified above.

Note that if you ask us to delete your data, we can retain your data as necessary to comply with our legal obligations or resolve disputes. For instance, we are generally unable to delete the information about your purchases since we need this data for our billing purposes.

Rights of California residents. As required by California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) we endeavour to respond to a verifiable request within 45 days of its receipt. If we require more time (up to 90 days), we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing. We will deliver our written response by e-mail.

Right to opt out. Under the CCPA each California resident can request business stops selling data to third parties. However, we do not, and will not, provide your data in direct exchange for money. Therefore, you can make sure that we do not sell your data.

Other rights. You also have a right to be informed about what categories of data we are collecting: you can request us to disclose what data we have collected in the past 12 months and right to get a free copy of your data disclosed in a readily usable and readable format. You can also request us to delete the data we have collected in the past 12 months. We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights granted under CCPA.

Mandatory verification. As required by CCPA we will need to verify your identity before processing your request. In order to verify your identity, we will generally match sufficient information you provide us to the information we maintain about you in our systems. In certain circumstances, we may decline the request, mainly where we are unable to verify your identity, for example, if you have requested us to delete your data.

Data storage

We store the data we collect and use in our databases which are hosted in Google Cloud, Location USA.

We will store such data only for as long as it is necessary to provide you services and comply with our other legal obligations (for instance, for our billing purposes). We regularly (at least once a year) review and de-identify unnecessary data to store it for research or statistical purposes only.